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How To Make Your First Investment With SmartCrowd?
How To Make Your First Investment With SmartCrowd?

How to invest in Dubai Real Estate with SmartCrowd

Updated over a week ago

Using SmartCrowd, you can become a property investor in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is apply the following four steps:

  1. Set Up Your Free Account: Simply head to the signup button to fill in your details. Make sure you upload the required KYC documents to become fully registered.

  2. Browse Through Properties: You can view various investment opportunities on our platform that are carefully vetted by our specialized team.

  3. Choose The Property (or Properties): After learning about all the information related to the property or properties selected, you are now ready to invest.

  4. Specify Investment Amount: You can invest with as low as AED 500 by either funding your wallet in advance or making an investment directly on the selected property.

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