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About SmartCrowd
Why should I invest through SmartCrowd?
Why should I invest through SmartCrowd?

Why SmartCrowd?

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SmartCrowd provides pre-vetted property investment opportunities and transparent data, giving investors the ability to diversify their real estate portfolios through a secure and regulated real estate investment platform.

  1. SmartCrowd is a regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

  2. Members get access to institutional level data and independent market valuations for free.

  3. You can create a diversified real estate portfolio and start earning passive income almost immediately

  4. SmartCrowd is entirely digital. You can invest from anywhere in the world and there’s no travelling required.

  5. You can invest a low minimum of AED 500 (approximately $140) to invest in a range of different properties.

  6. It’s hassle-free investing. No personal property management required and you don’t need to be a real estate expert (far from it).

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