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Does SmartCrowd have a Conflict of interest Management policy?‎
Does SmartCrowd have a Conflict of interest Management policy?‎
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As a regulated entity, we are required to have a conflict of interest policy to identify, disclose, manage and mitigate any conflicts between us and our clients. We have put in place a Conflicts of Interest Policy which identifies those situations giving rise to actual or potential conflicts of interest and which provides details of how such conflicts are managed. Where the arrangements under our conflicts of Interest Policy are not sufficient to ensure, with reasonable confidence, that risks of damage to the interests of the client will be prevented, we will disclose sufficient details of the actual or potential conflict to you in order to enable you to take an informed decision as to whether to continue to deal with us notwithstanding the existence of such conflict.

Some Conflicts of Interest might arise from the following but are not limited to:

(1) SmartCrowd might use third parties such as brokers, affiliates, and distribution channels to market and promote the SmartCrowd platform for which SmartCrowd would pay commission or share revenue for onboarding investors.

(2) SmartCrowd in some cases will earn fees from Sellers including Developers/Brokers for using the platform to sell properties. This fee is usually a percentage of the property price.

(3) SmartCrowd will earn fees on the exit from the sale proceeds

(4) SmartCrowd might use service providers in which they have an economic interest or are part of the SmartCrowd group of companies.

SmartCrowd works with financial institutions, property brokers, property insures and consult with independent consultants who provide their expertise. Alongside this, they use real-time market data provided by REIDIN, a reputable leader in real estate market data to ensure that our platform offers only quality properties that will provide healthy returns. Each property will also have an assigned facility manager. Each service providers evaluated on a periodic basis to ensure optimal service is being provided. SmartCrowd does not receive any remuneration, fee, payment or commission from a real estate agent, property manager, valuer, custodian, or any other person providing a service related to the property.

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