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Why is there a need for a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)?
Why is there a need for a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)?
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Currently, RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) cannot accommodate more than five to ten people on a property’s title deed.

In order to accommodate multiple investors on a property title deed, SmartCrowd establishes one SPV for every investment property so that there isn’t a limit on the number of shareholders that can collectively invest in a property.

SmartCrowd will form an SPV for the purposes of holding your investment. You will hold Shares in the SPV. The SPV will be managed by Smart Crowd under the Administration Agreement. Pursuant to this agreement SmartCrowd and its Directors will sign any related documents for the SPV including but not limited to articles of association, relationship declaration, transfer of shares, ordinary shareholder resolution, divestment of investments, appointment of authorize signatory on your behalf.

A Director will disclose to the other directors the nature and extent of any material interests in, any actual or proposed transaction and shall refrain from voting at a meeting of Directors on any resolution concerning a matter in which the Director has a direct or indirect interest

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