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What is the Share Transfer Facility?
What is the Share Transfer Facility?
Updated over a week ago

Liquidity, or lack thereof, is a major concern when it comes to investing in real estate. Our share transfer facility is here to change that.

Whether you’re looking to exit your property investments early to gain cash liquidity, or increase your exposure to high-performing properties, selling and buying property shares has never been this easy or secure.

SmartCrowd’s share transfer facility is operational twice a year for a two-week interval, where SmartCrowd investors will be able to:


If your property qualifies for the share transfer facility (typically properties older than a year), you can now liquidate some, or all, of your shares.

Under the sell section, you can access your current shares, including share details, property information, as well as all the other shares listed in the same property to help you determine the number of shares you want to list, along with how to price your shares relative to the marketplace.

Once you list your property shares, you’ll be given a full description of your sales proceeds, cost reimbursement, and exit fees, helping you arrive at your net sales proceeds, which will be credited to your wallet immediately after a purchase is made.

*Under the ‘Listed For Sale’ tab, you can view, or edit, the number/price of shares listed, as well as cancel the listing entirely.

• BUY:

If you are an investor on our platform, you can purchase shares in funded properties listed on the Share Transfer.

Under the buy section, you can view all the property shares available for sale, along with information regarding the property. There, you can determine how many shares you want to buy and the system will provide you with the full investment amount, costs associated, and full transaction cost to complete your purchase.

Once this has been completed, you will own those purchased shares, and any dividends issued going forward will be credited to your wallet.

*Remember to fund your wallet beforehand, as you will not be able to participate in the share transfer market without sufficient funds already in your wallet.

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